Storefronts / Channel

Storefront Backlit Acrylic Sign

Storefront signs can be manufactured in a large variety of methods using: back-lit signage, channel letters, carved cedar, shaped aluminum and a multitude of other avenues…. It all depends on your needs! Channel letters are often used when a backing isn’t needed, since they are lifetime guaranteed. Window lettering accents your storefront!

Vehicle & Magnetics

This is my hobby... having fun applying digital images! I just love dressing up vehicles!

Vehicle graphics are an economical way to advertise your business…. virtually, any design can be used on a vehicle since photographic work can now be printed on vinyl and applied, as well as using perforated vinyl so you can have full visibility to see out but the public is deterred from viewing inside. From a …

Ground Signs

Digital image logos look stunning when used on your sign. This shaped aluminum was a great way for clients to find this business!

These signs come in a multitude of styles, shapes, sizes, etc but are virtually just that – signs attached to the ground in a variety of different ways from spikes to 4 x 4’s, sono tubes and concrete. View pics for some great examples.


This banner was made to fit on this fence with lots of information getting the point across.

From using to get your message up high on a building, along a fence, temporary need, parade usage, banners are an ideal way to use and reuse as long as they are stored properly…. especially for an impromptu or annual event. Banners come in custom widths, heights and weights, grommetted and hemmed for your hanging …

Indoor Signs

These are used in buildings as directional signs as well as directories and are very handy when these kinds of signs are constantly being updated as people and offices come and go – very professional looking for whatever the clients tastes are.


traffic sign installed on aluminum post, sometimes using U channels

Using heavy grade, engineered aluminum, traffic signs are designed to be reflective at night (if need be) and come as standard traffic signs or custom to what your needs are. Many templates available to choose from or Sue can design to your needs.

Braille & Specialty

Completely designed by me, this sign was digitally printed, then braille applied and sealed to protect against fingerprints and the elements, and mounted on PVC. VERY durable.

Specialty signs can come in a variety of different styles. Under this category are very customized jobs created especially for a specific use and not used very often in the masses. Braille Signs are one type of specialty sign which have a glazed finish on them made specifically for a lot of touching, therefore are …